Beginner Trainer Package



The beginner trainer package is a 12 week program that will be led by 5 different trainers.

Mark Cypi will lead the charge of this program for the first 10 weeks, with a solid weekly meeting twice a week of 1 hour. His weekly meetings will be accompanied by a half hour session with James Deca. Combined these two amazing trainers will lead you to amazing results every Monday and Thursday for the duration of the program.

The first month will also include muscle specialist Marcus Anadrolo. He will provide a daily call for 20 minutes every weekday. He will call 45 minutes before your daily workout time for some true motivation and guidance.

At the end of week ten you will start your body purification program with Ana strozol. She will help you eliminate toxins from your body and help finish your program with a lean and hard look. She will contact you every other day to refine your program.

At the beginning of week 12 you will have 2 final review meetings with Hector Carlos Gomez. He will call on Monday and Friday to finish off the program and make sure that you can continue the body transformation of your dreams after the program ends.


As always, for more info call 206-855-3239.